How To Open Allahabad Bank PPF Account Online/Offline

When it comes to getting tax-saving benefits with your bank account, you can apply for the public provident fund as the account holder in Allahabad Bank. This account is very beneficial for the consumers who want to get the small savings with reasonable return along with Benefits related to Income Tax. If you want to get benefits of PPF account as a consumer of Allahabad Bank, you will be able to apply for it with online as well as the offline process.

Here is the detailed method to apply for public provident fund account for account holders in Allahabad Bank:

Use of internet banking service

The easiest way to apply for public provident find account in Allahabad Bank is by using internet banking services. You can visit the website link where you will log in to your internet banking account. There will be an option to open new PPF account for the consumer.

You will fill the application form with all required details and submit it to complete the process with Internet Banking facility.

The offline process to apply for PPF account

If you are not using the internet banking facilities in Allahabad Bank, you can download the application form to open PPF account at website link You just need to visit the nearest branch of Allahabad Bank to know if they are providing this facility. PPF account facilities are not provided in all the branches of Allahabad Bank so you will need to visit the branch to know about options.

If you want to get location and contact details of all the branches, you can visit the official portal of the bank and can get complete details about it.

With these online and offline methods, all the consumers will be able to apply for public provident fund account in Allahabad Bank.

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