Bank of India (BOI) Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

The Bank of India is a commercial bank which was founded in the year 1906 and has spread its 5100 branches around the world. It is one of the reputed banks of India and it provides various advantages to its customers for opening accounts in the bank.

After opening an account in the bank, it is necessary for everyone to know about the remaining balance in the account.

Whenever a person wants to know about the remaining balance in his account, he can’t go to the branch of the bank because it would take a lot of time. There are ATMs for knowing about the remaining balance in the account but it also takes time to go the nearest ATM. It may be possible that one doesn’t have an ATM in his/her area. The solution for this problem of balance inquiry is the Missed call service provided by the bank to their customers so that the time of customers don’t get wasted.

Bank of India (BOI) Balance Enquiry Number, SMS & Missed Details

The missed call and SMS service is the perfect way to know about the balance in the account.

  • If you want to check the current balance in your account, then you can dial the number provided by the bank. You can dial 09015135135 from your registered mobile phone.
  • Make sure that you have registered your mobile phone with your bank account otherwise you won’t be able to get the balance information of your account. You can save this number to your mobile for getting the balance information in the future.

Dial this number and the call will cut automatically after few small rings. Just wait a minute or so for getting the SMS on your mobile phone. In the received SMS, you will be able to get the information about the balances in your savings account, current account,and Cash credit.

The main benefit of this facility is that it is available for its customers all the time of the day and night. You can know about the balance in your account by anytime you want. This service would save your time because you won’t have to go the bank branch or the ATM to get the knowledge of your balance information. The Missed call service of the bank is a great advantage for its customers and that’s why people are opening an account in this bank because it provides various other services to its customers.

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