How To Generate/Change Allahabad Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

Allahabad Bank, established in 1865, is one of the oldest banks in India, with a history spanning three centuries. The Bank is also the oldest Joint Stock Bank in India, and celebrated its 150 years of foundation in 2014, with a network of more than 2500 branches.

Allahabad Bank extends ATM Services to its customers in more than 110 cities and towns across the country. Being a member of NFS & VISA Networks, the bank enables its customers to access a wide range of ATMs in India and abroad.

Allahabad Bank ATM Debit Card

Allahabad Bank offers ATM Debit Cards to all its customers. The Allahabad Bank Debit Card offers access to your bank account and helps in making purchases at Merchant globally, apart from being able to withdraw cash from any of the member bank ATMs. You can also carry out online purchases with this card. The ATM Debit Card comes with a validity of five years from the date of issue.

To Generate/Change Allahabad Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

The bank offers a secret 4-digit ATM Debit Card Pin when handing over the card. If you wish to generate/change the ATM Debit Card Pin, you can generate a new ATM PIN online or the PIN can be changed at any Allahabad Bank ATMs or member Bank ATMs. You can choose any of the options mentioned herein:

  • Visit ATM

In case you wish to generate a new pin, changing your existing pin, you can just call the 24-hour Allahabad Bank customer care toll-free number at 1800-22-0363 at any time for assistance relating to your ATM-cum-International Debit Card. On connecting with the call, just follow their instruction. You may be required to feed in your registered mobile number and the card number during the call. They will send you an OTP (One Time Password).

You can visit the ATM, and use the option banking>change pin. When it asks for the OTP, you can enter the one that has been sent to you by the bank, and set your new pin.

  • Change/Generate the Pin Online

You can generate/change your Allahabad Bank international ATM Debit Card pin online easily. If you have enabled the internet banking facility, and if you remember your transaction password, then visit the bank website into your internet banking, click on the ATM services tab, and choose the option ‘ATM pin generation’. You will have to feed in details such as card number, card expiry date, new ATM pin, reconfirm ATM pin, and transaction password. You will get an OTP in your registered mobile number to authenticate the transaction, and on completion, you would have generated your new ATM pin.

  • Visit the Bank Branch

The last option is to visit your nearest Allahabad Bank branch and request a new instant duplicate ATM Debit Card PIN.  Else, you may visit your home branch and submit a written application for regeneration of ATM Debit Card pin. The branch will process it, and the ATM pin would be delivered to your registered address.

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