How To Generate/Change Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

Registered on 20th November 1923, the Andhra Bank began its operations on 28th November 1923. The bank was founded by Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya. Born in West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya was an eminent personality and a popular freedom fighter. Andhra Bank aims to become a major player in the banking sector by offering a complete range of banking services through its innovative, customer-centric products, helping in improving stakeholder value.

The bank is fully committed to offering excellent customer service by making use of technology and human resources to achieve world-class performance standards.

How To Generate/Change Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

Andhra Bank offers the Andhra Bank ATM Debit Cards to all its customers. At Andhra Bank, you have the option of having an ATM Card or a Debit Card but cannot have both. An ATM cardholder the bank can request for Debit Card at the time of renewal, or in lieu of the ATM Card. The ATM Card can be used only at Andhra Bank ATMs in India, while the Debit Card which is affiliated to VISA, can be used across the world. The Andhra Bank Debit Card offers access to your bank account and helps in making purchases at Merchant globally, apart from being able to withdraw cash from any of the member bank ATMs. You can also carry out online purchases with this card. The Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card comes with a validity of ten years from the date of issue.

The bank offers a secret 4-digit ATM Debit Card Pin when handing over the card. If you wish to generate/change the ATM Debit Card Pin, you choose any of the options mentioned herein:

  • To Generate/Change Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card Pin Visit Andhra Bank ATM

Visit the Bank ATM, after inserting your debit card choose the option ‘New Pin’. You can see two options ‘Generate OTP’ and ‘OTP Validation’. Choose the option ‘Generate OTP’. The OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you receive your OTP, insert the debit card once again, and choose the option ‘OTP Validation’. You will then have to enter the OTP which was received by you in your registered mobile. On successful validation, you will be prompted to type in your new pin, followed by request for confirmation of the new pin, and your debit card pin is reset.

  • To Generate/Change Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card Pin Visit Andhra Bank Branch

Another option is to visit your nearest Andhra Bank branch and request a new instant duplicate ATM Debit Card PIN.  Else, you may visit your home branch and submit a written application for regeneration of ATM Debit Card pin. The branch will process it, and the ATM pin would be delivered to your registered address.

However, Andhra Bank does not have the option of resetting debit card pin through internet banking.  In case of any queries pertaining to your Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card pin, you can call the bank’s toll-free number 1800 425 2910 or call 040-23122263.

4 thoughts on “How To Generate/Change Andhra Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

  1. Considering the condition of age old, sick and disable customer of the Bank, there should be an option for resetting of Debit Card PIN through online.

  2. yes there should be online reset/generation of the new pin for the first time. not everyone who is sick or bedridden can visit ATM/branch to generate the pin.

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