How To Generate/Change Axis Bank ATM Debit Card Pin ​

Axis Bank is one of the premier nationalized private banks of India. It provides many advanced features for savings and current account holders. In the digital era, a bank customer without a debit card is unimaginable. However it is mandatory for customer to enter the PIN to withdraw money or for online transactions. If you are an Axis Bank customer, do not panic if you forget the PIN.

You need to follow a systematic procedure for generating or resetting PIN. Sometimes customer changes the default PIN to another number for security concerns. Debit card PIN can be generated or reset instantly and without any hassles.

In order to generate or reset Axis Bank debit card PIN,one has to select from any of the following channels.

1. Internet banking
2. Using Mobile banking app
3. Green pin generation through an ATM centre
4. Phone banking

Internet banking

It is one of the most comfortable techniques for generating or resetting password. One needs to have user id code and carefully follow the underlying steps.

  •  Log into Axis bank internet banking website, click on the option, ‘Set debit card pin’.
  • Carefully screen the window that opens up. Then click on ‘Select my debit card account’.
  • Choose‘Enter new pin’.
  • Enter net secure code.

This secure pin can be used for withdrawing cash from account and also for online financial transactions.

Using Mobile banking app

One has to download mobile app for availing this feature. Downloading will take around 15 minutes provide user has robust mobile networks.

  • Login into mobile app.
  • Click on the home button provided at top left.
  • Select menu and then sub menu. From sub menu select sub menu services.
  • Set/reset PIN through debit cards option

Select menu, then enter new pin and then re-enter Mobile PIN or MPIN.

Green pin generation

For availing this feature, the debit card user must visit an Axis Bank ATM centre. He must not forget to have registered mobile during this process.

  • The account holder is needed to insert the debit card into the card slot of the A.T.M.
  • After this one must go through the screen carefully. At the bottom one can find the tag ‘Set Green Pin’.
  • As this button is pressed, activation pass code gets generated on registered mobile number.
  • Then insert the card into the slot again.
  • Enter the code when the on screen message comes up.
  • At this point,you will get the option of password change. At this point the user must make a pin as desired.Phone banking/ Calling customer care

The account holder must contact Axis Bank customer care department with the help of a toll free number 18001035577, which is mentioned on the debit card. One must patiently follow the instructions to report to customer care.

  • Choose language
  • Then choose option 1 for bank related documents
  • Press 4 for debit card related information
  • Press 1 for activation pass code generation.
  • Enter debit card details along with date of birth.

No sooner the process is over, customer receives the message showing activation code on his registered mobile number. One must then follow the onscreen instructions for completing the procedure.

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