How To Generate/Change DCB Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

DCB Bank ,headquartered in Mumbai is considered as one of the best banks for small business, rural areas and for medium businesses. The Business world Magna award goes to DCB for its achievements and work in the small financial corporations. It started off as a private company and is one of the most outstanding companies in the private sector. The network of the bank expands to 310 branches and 515 ATM’s.

The products of the DCB bank range from loans to middle and small sector, corporate customers of mid-size and loans for individuals such as home loan, personal loan,the gold loan, tractor loan, etc. The savings account when opened in this bank provide the cash back and interest facility along with the personalized mobile number. Additionally, the card from this bank builds up our credit, as well also known as the credit builder card.

Taking part actively in online banking and mobile transactions, the bank is progressing on its own lines such as instant banking, go mobile banking, SMS banking etc.

DCB Bank Debit Card 

The ATM debit cards provided by the DCB banks give you the power to shop effortlessly and without any cash. With one swipe you can pay off the bills for your daily needs. Along with the offer of cashless banking, you can also indulge in various offers that are complimentary on the card. With its round the clock services and convenience, this is considered as the most preferred bank. The cards from this bank can be used outside the country as well without any extra charges. In order to obtain an ATM Debit card visit the nearest branch of the office, or visit their website and apply online.

How To Generate/Change DCB Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

The bank offers 24 hour customer services and gives you the facility of mobile banking as well as online banking. It gives you the option of changing or generating the pin of the ATM card by sitting at home and without any problem. In order to Generate/Change DCB Bank ATM Debit Card Pin following steps are to be followed:

Browse through the website of the bank and call on the toll-free number mentioned there from your registered mobile number.

  • The customer care assistant shall greet you and you need to inform the customer care assistant the purpose of your call.
  • Once that is completed, the customer care assistant will take over the phone verification and will conference your call to the Interactive Voice Response successfully.
  • When the call gets transferred to the IVR department, you will be required to enter your 16- digit debit card number along with the date of expiry of the card and your CVV number, which is the 3- digit number present at the backside of your debit card.

Once the authentication is complete and it is positively executed, the IVR will ask you to enter the 4-digit confirmation number and will ask you to again enter it for the confirmation.

You have successfully Generated/Change DCB Bank ATM Debit Card Pin.

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