How To Generate/Change Punjab and Sind Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

Punjab And Sind Bank is a government-owned bank with its headquarters in the capital of the country, New Delhi. The main aim of this bank is to create value for its investors, employees and customers. The bank is focusing on providing excellent customer services via their innovative products and services targeting different customers.

The Bank is offering services and products like Debit card, ATM, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, loans and so on.

Punjab And Sind Bank has introduced the facility of Green PIN for the convenience of its cardholders. Now, the customers can avail this facility for generating Debit Card PIN on their own instantly at any of the Punjab and Sind Bank ATMs.

All the existing customers of Debit card ATM as well as new customers of the bank.

The Debit Card ATM cardholder need to follow few simple steps for generating Green PIN for their Debit card at any of the PSB ATMs.

  • The first step in the process of generating the PIN is they have to insert their PSB Debit Card in ATM and choose the option of Green PIN.
  • After choosing the option of Green PIN, they have to select the option of OTP Generation.
  • Then, the cardholder will receive an OTP which is 6 digit number on their registered mobile number. This OTO will be valid till 30 minutes only. After that, the cardholder has repeated each step again in order to receive the OTP again.
  • On receiving the OTP, they will again insert their PSB Debit Card and choose the option of Green PIN. Now, they have to choose the option of OTP Validation. Then they will enter the 6 digit OTP Number. As soon as the OTP is entered, ATM will immediately validate OTP.
  • Now, the cardholder can enter the new 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) which they want to have their new PIN.
  • Finally, on the screen of ATM, a message will be displayed for the successful generation PIN.

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