How To Generate/Change State Bank of India (SBI) ATM Debit Card Pin

Forgot your PIN or blocked it accidentally? You need not get worked up about changing your ATM PIN or debit card PIN, thanks to State Bank of India’s online services.

About the bank

The State Bank of India is one of the oldest nationalized banks of the country. The bank was established in 1806 in Kolkata and has gone on to become a Fortune 500 company at the back of its unique solutions for clients from different sections of the society.

Debit cards: As India pushes towards becoming a cashless economy, thanks to government policies like demonetization and the rise of digital payment platforms and e-wallets, banks too are doing their bit to ensure their clients are connected to their internet banking services on attractive terms. Likewise, with SBI the bank offers a wide range of debit cards for people to choose from, depending on their different needs.

One can easily change a debit card or ATM PIN for an SBI account from anywhere in the world because of the host of options one has.

Here’s a list of methods with which you can change your ATM or debit card PIN:

a) SBI Green PIN Service

For starters, one has to send a text from the registered mobile number to 567676 in the given format: PIN <xxxx><yyyy>

  • While xxxx stand for the last four digits of your debit card and yyyy stand for the last four digits of one’s SBI account.
  • Once the message is sent, the bank would send an One Time Password (OTP) on the client’s registered number. The OTP can be used within the next 24 hours to re-generate the PIN from any SBI ATM.

b) Generating a PIN Through an ATM: For changing the PIN via an ATM, one has to first visit an ATM

  • Next, select the ‘PIN Generation’ option on the screen.
  • Now, one has to enter their SBI savings account number and their registered mobile number.
  • The bank would send an OTP on the mobile number.
  • SBI clients can go ahead with changing their ATM PIN using the OTP.

Generating ATM PIN Online

One can also generate a debit card PIN online, provided one is a registered user of the SBI’s net banking facility.

  • In the first step, one has to log in using a password and username with the bank’s internet banking facility at
  • Next, click on ‘e-services’ and then ‘ATM Card Service’
  • Then , click on ‘ATM PIN Generation’ and then continue and complete the process of re-setting your ATM and debit card PIN.

Phone banking

The bank allows its clients to change their ATM or debit card PIN using SBI’s phone banking facility.

  • To avail this facility, one has to first contact SBI’s customer care at 1800 425 3800 or 1800 112 211.
  • The caller would be asked to his or her 16-digit State Bank of India debit card number.
  • After entering the debit card number, next enter you SBI bank account number.
  • Next the caller would receive an OTP on his or her registered mobile number, using which one could change the debit card or ATM PIN.

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