How To Generate/Change UCO Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

As India pushes towards becoming  a cashless economy, rise cyber crimes in the country threaten to thwart its attempt. It’s common to hear bank officials say that their customers had been duped because of identity theft or phishing. According to a Kroll Annual Fraud and Risk 2017 report, 89% of the bank executives interviewed said they had encountered one or more instance of cyber crime in their dealings during a period of 12 months.

To ward off such risks, one is advised to change their passwords and PINs regularly. In such a situation, it can be beneficial to have a bank, which allows one to change a PIN easily.

If you’re looking for similar facilities in the bank then UCO Banks is perfect for you.

How to change debit card and ATM PIN

If you’re a client of UCO Bank, one has a number of options to change the ATM PIN.

Via online banking: To avail this facility, one has to be a registered user of UCO Bank’s internet banking services.

  • Once registered, one has to visit the portal :
  • Where one would be required to fill an online form by furnishing details like user id, the primary account number and the any one of the last five transactions made using the debit card.
  • Next, the bank would send a one-time password (OTP) to the user on his or her registered mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP, one can go ahead and change the PIN for their debit card and ATM.
  • If there are any queries, one can call up at the UCO Bank’s customer care at their helpline 1800 274 -0123
  • If one can’t remember any of the last five transactions made using the debit card, they can give  a missed call at 09213125125 and get help from a bank executive.

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