How to Generate/Change Vijaya Bank ATM Debit Card Pin

Having a bank account is necessary for these days and the customers who want to use the debit card facilities need to have a savings account in the bank. The Vijaya Bank has always been providing the best services to the customers. All of the adult individuals can operate their savings account in the bank along with the debit card which will be issued at the time of opening the bank account or it will be sent at your home in a few days.

In case of joint account, the cards can be provided to more than one individual. The debit card can be valid for five years and after the five years, it can be renewed again by filling a form in the bank branch. The debit card is one of the best facilities provided by the bank to its customers because it allows the customers to withdraw cash at any place and any time.

Therefore, the customers should enjoy the facility provided by the bank

How to change the debit card ATM PIN

  • The customers of the Vijaya Bank can go to the nearest ATM of the bank for changing the PIN.
  • When the customers will swipe the card in the ATM, then they will get an option of changing the PIN.
  • After clicking on that option, the customers can put the original pin and the new pin in the ATM.
  • An OTP will be sent to the customers so the Pin can be verified by the bank authorities.
  • After the verification of the OTP, the PIN can be changed easily.

In case, you think that someone has stolen your PIN, you can choose to change your PIN. This will enable you to get your new PIN without getting a doubt of being stolen. The process of changing the PIN is quite easy as you have known about it.

The OTP will be sent to the mobile number which has been registered by the customers in the bank. The OTP won’t be sent to any other contact number if it has not been registered with your bank account. The mobile number is registered at the time when you will go to open your savings account. At that time, you will need to fill a form for the registration in which you will add your mobile number.

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