Indian Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit and Charges

A savings account is the most famous path for individuals to store money securely and have advantageous access; money in a savings account gains a nominal interest rate. A savings account is frequently the primary bank account for some individuals. With a savings bank account, you can lead different day today transactions easily and adaptability. Having a saving bank account helps monitor every one of the transactions made, including deposits and withdrawals.

The Indian Bank is a premier public division, Government of India undertaking. An Indian Bank savings account gives a large group of saving money benefits including exchanging and portfolio arrangements, adaptable simple records administration, alongside a focused loan fee. You can make speedy service bill payments by means of Net Banking, and enjoy different highlights with an Indian Savings Account.

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Indian Bank saving account minimum balance

The minimum balance required in an Indian Bank saving account varies with every sort of account. It is prudent to contact the bank straightforwardly for subtle elements. Following is an outline:

Type of savings account Minimum balance required
Saving Bank Rs. 250 for non cheque operation, Rs. 500 for cheque operation
Vikas Savings Khata None required
SB Platinum MAB: Rs. 25,000
SB – Power Account for Achievers (PAFA) MAB: Rs. 5,000
IB Smart kid SB account Rs.100 for non cheque operation, Rs. 250 for cheque operation
SB Silver MAB: Rs. 5,000
SB Gold MAB: Rs. 10,000

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