Kerala Gramin Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

The Kerala Gramin Bank is known to be the largest Regional Rural Bank in India. The headquarter of the bank is situated in Kerala. The Canara Bank has been known to sponsor the bank while the bank has been jointly owned by the Indian government as well as the state government.

Whenever a customer wants to lodge a complaint online, he or she can adopt one of the following methods:

1) You can go to the following site and fill the form on the customer service policy. The link for visiting the page is as follows:

2) Another method of lodging an online complaint is that you can email your query or any kind of grievance to the official email address which has been created for the purpose of receiving and then redressing the different types of grievances held by the client. The email address that needs to be used for the purpose is Similarly, you can also make your complaints to the other address which is

3) Just as we have in the case of other Regional Rural Banks, there is a standard complain form that is required to be filled in case you have any complaints or if you have any suggestions, etc. for the bank. Some of the parameters which are covered in the form include the following:

– Type of Institution and the category, which could be Kerala Gramin Bank and Regional Rural bank respectively.

– You also need to know the email ID of the bank as is already mentioned above

– The loan account number of the person who is lodging the complaint is also required in this case

– The type of complain and the full description of the complaint can also be filled in the customer complaint form

– Finally, it shall be helpful if you could also upload an image in order to support the complaint that you have lodged against the bank

Thus, the above are some of the most important methods by which you can easily lodge an online complaint against the Kerala Gramin Bank!

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  1. The Grameen Bank in velam branch is a bad performance.The ATM card of 19 2 2019 was not active yet.

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