Manipur Rural Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

As internet and mobile banking fast foster a culture of at-home banking in the society, the charm of opening a savings bank account hasn’t faded from the world.

Much before the world learnt to do banking with a few clicks and a few swipes, it was this saving tool which taught the world to not only park one’s savings safely but also to earn interest from them.

Benefits of opening a savings account: Here’s a list of opening a savings bank account:

  • Easy to manage
  • Effective in promoting a habit to save
  • Ensure safety of funds


As banking institutions became more formalized, these savings account enabled people to do much more than just saving and earning interest. With a facilities like debit cards, fixed deposits and recurring deposits it became easier for people to do a lot of things with just single account. Then there are banks like Mnaipur Rural Bank which have taken these services to rural areas.

Minimum balance requirement

The minimum balance requirement is the amount that an account-holder is supposed to keep in his or her savings account at all times.

  • If one fails to maintain the minimum balance amount, then the bank may levy a non-maintenance charge.
  • With Manipur Rural Bank, the minimum balance requirement varies with different accounts.

How to find out minimum balance requirement

One can do that via any of the two ways:

Phone banking

  • One can call up Manipur rural bannk’s customer care at 0385-2451590 to find out the minimum balance requirement for their account.


  • There’s a form available online at
  • on the bank’s official website which enables a client or visitor to post a query.

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