How to Open/Close Canara Bank Account Online

Canara Bank, one of the greatest names in the Banking world of India is also the most sought after bank in India. The reason is pretty simple, that is its exclusive and customer oriented services. The Canara Bank, like any other bank is pretty much aware of the hassle that anyone has to face in order to open a bank account. Thus, they have modified their policies and made it much easier for the users to now enjoy the convenient online service for opening a bank account.

The entire step by step process is listed below which you can follow and successfully open a bank account in the Canara Bank with great ease and comfort. Keep in mind a few things such as, the minimum balance which you think you are able to maintain, the type of account and etcetera.

How to open a bank account online?

The process of opening a bank account in the Canara Bank is not completely online, but it is more or less the same.

  • Visit the official website of the Canara Bank and go to the ‘Download’ option.
  • Look for the application form for your respective type of bank account that is, savings or current.
  • is the follow up link for downloading the online application form to open Bank account.
  • Since, both the type is different from one another; it is important that you carefully analyze your usage and then open the respective account.
  • Next step is to start filling out the details but make sure that you are attentive and careful while doing the same. Even a slightest mistake could lead to a lot of trouble.
  • As you fill out the application form, you will see the required documents one by one, thus, keep attaching all the documents one after another.
  • Before visit your nearest bank branch, look for the minimum balance amount and take it with you.
  • Now that you have successfully filled in your details on the application form, visit your nearest Canara Bank branch and deposit it all.
  • The bank will deliver your debit card and cheque book to your registered address within few days of activating the account.

How to close the bank account online?

  • In order to close your existing bank account with the Canara Bank, visit their online web portal.
  • Search for the option namely, Close Bank Account and you will be redirected to a new web page.
  • Here you will be asked to fill in the bank details which include the account holder’s name and bank account number.
  • Later add the registered aadhaar card and mobile number.
  • Also, select the mode of payment to receive back your remainder bank account balance.
  • The last step is to add the reason for closing your bank account.
  • Click submits and you will receive the notification upon closure of your bank account on your registered mobile number.

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