How To Open/Close Federal Bank Saving Account Online

Considered as one of the most renowned bank in the history, Federal bank comes in the private sector of the commercial banks. Dating back to the pre- independence era, the bank has got its evolution by the hard work, dedication and idea of two brothers Pattamukil. These brothers came together and had a discussion regarding the steps that had to be taken to open up a banking institution. The headquarters of this bank lies in Kochi, Kerala.

The ever evolving and ever-changing strategies and the policies of the bank make it one of the growing banks in a short span of time. Opening up its doors to various reforms and policies and calling in various countries, the plans to expand of the bank are quite impressive. The bank came up with a system of chat, which helps the consumers in exploring new products and services. This is helpful for the consumers because the consumers will explore the products and services and can ask questions about it from the chat agent. This way they will get to know about different products and services from their bank. This bank in India launched this system for the first time.

Federal Bank Accounts

It is one of the renowned banks in India and has got some amazing option considering the account opening options. The account opening options in this bank are diversified and have got some amazing rewards and benefits. Coming up with cash backs and points, the saving account will help you save a lot of money. With the ease of mobile banking, SMS banking, online banking etc it is even more convenient to go ahead with the banking options of this bank. In order to open a bank account online you can visit the website and follow the instruction.

How To Open/Close a Federal Bnak Account Online

In order to open or close a federal bank account online all you need to do is follow some steps and get through the procedures. The steps are really simple and are given below:

=> Visit their website and go to the option of personal banking open account

=> Select the apply online option and fill in the details on your application form and submit it.

=> On your email address, an email shall be sent defining the checklist of the KYC documents along with the application form by the bank.

=> Take the print out of all the documents and sign it. After this, submit these documents at the concerned branches and collect your pre- opened kit.

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