How to Open/Close IndusInd Bank Account Online?

IndusInd bank is one of the blossoming private sector bank. This bank is known for providing the best customer services with innovative ideas.  This bank is paramounted to provide the maximum customer responsiveness and customer satisfaction. The speciality of this bank is to provide 24×7 services through the app by finger print banking. The account holder or customer can use finger prints instead of passwords to access their account. For more details you can contact the toll free number 1860 500 5004 or visit the official website regarding your banking needs.

You can manage your IndusInd bank account with just one touch. This bank has around 600 branches and 1200 ATM branches across the country.

How to open or close IndusInd bank account online?

Procedure to open an account online

  • To open your account online, you should login to the official website of the bank.
  • You can open your account with no minimum balance also.
  • You can navigate to separate account opening portal provided by the bank to open your account online.
  • You can fill in your required details and press submit.
  • The applicant can check types of accounts and select his convenient one and submit the application electronically.
  • He can get the confirmation of approval of his application through email or sms if he registered those details with the official website of the bank.

How to close the account online

  • The applicant can check for account closing form online.
  • He can download it from the internet or can fill in the online account closure form.
  • He should provide his name, account number, need for keeping the account dormant or closing the account and his option for balance transfer.
  • If he is not happy with the services of the bank, he can change the branch or if he wants to deactivate his account permanently, he can contact the nearest branch in person or can call the customer care to know the details for the procedure of closing the account.
  • He can close the account by submitting his id proofs, documents, leaves of cheque book in the nearest branch of the bank in person or can apply to meet the agent of the bank to submit the required documents online.
  • He can get his balance amount transferred through NEFT or remit it by cheque or draft or transfer the amount to other bank account.

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