How to Open/ Close Nainital Bank Account online

The people are encouraged to open their account in the bank account if they want to save their money in the account for future. The Nainital bank has been working for the satisfaction of all the customers who have their accounts in the bank.

What is the eligibility to open the bank account?

Any person can open the account their single accounts in the bank including illiterate people, visually impaired persons and trusts, organizations etc. The customers will just need to provide correct details and choose their choice of account. The customers can also open a joint account with this bank if they want to have an account with their relatives.

How can you open bank account with the online process?

  • The customers will need to submit various documents along with the submission of the online application account form.
  • The customers can choose to open their account by filling the online application form which they can get at the website
  • After filling the correct details, the customers can choose to submit the form on the online website.
  • While filling the form, the customers will need to make sure that they are providing correct details.
  • The form filled with wrong details won’t be accepted by the bank authorities.
  • The customers will get their passbook after some days of opening their account.
  • While filling the form, the customers should make sure that provide their correct mobile number in the form so that they will be able to get SMS alerts and notifications.

Close your bank account

For closing the bank account in the Nainital Bank, the customers will need to get the customer care number of the bank. After getting the number, the customers can choose to make a call on the contact number of the bank. Before closing an account, the customers will have to open their account in any other bank. After opening their account, they can close the previous one.

At the time of closing the account, the customers can transfer the money of old account into the new one. The customers might need to pay a little fee for closing the bank account if anyone is closing the account after some days of opening the account.

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