How to Open/Close Punjab National Bank (PNB) Account Online

Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest and first Swadeshi Bank and is one of the largest banks in India. Having commenced operations on 12th April 1895, the bank was the first bank to be purely managed by the Indians.

Over the past 123 years of the bank history, seven banks have merged with Punjab National Bank (PNB), with the bank now having a network of 6941 domestic branches and 9753 ATMs.

To open Punjab National Bank Account online

Any resident individual (single or jointly), Trusts, Associations, Clubs, Societies, institutions permitted by RBI, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) can open an account online at the Punjab National Bank. The initial deposit for the opening of an account is Rs.500.

To open an account, visit the bank website On the extreme right-hand side of the website, you can find icons meant for connectivity to social media apps, the icon for PNB reward, recruitments etc. Choose the icon that shows ‘download forms’. Choose the sub-menu ‘Account Opening Form’. There are various types of account opening forms available. Choose the one that is right for you, based on your need. Download the form, fill in the details, and submit it, along with the documents mentioned below, in your nearest Punjab National Bank branch where you wish to open the account. You can also courier the form and documents to the bank address.

The required documents are

  1. Account Opening Form
  2. Identity Proof and Address proof as per KYC (Know Your Customer) norms.
  3. Photographs (as mentioned in the form)
  4. In case of Associations, you may have to submit other related documents too.

To close Punjab National Bank Account

Punjab National Bank does not have the option of closing the account online. For closing your account, you will have to personally visit your branch and follow the traditional procedure of account closure.

Visit the Punjab National Bank branch where you hold an account. Speak to the help desk executives about account closure. Fill in the account closure form with requisite details, and you have the option to choose the mode of balance amount you wish to receive, whether in cash, demand draft or cheque. You will also have to surrender your passbook, cheque book, and ATM debit card which you received at the time of opening the account.

For any queries regarding account opening/closure, you can also call the toll-free number 1800 180 2222 or 1800 103 2222.

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