How to Open/close UCO Bank Account Online

In this digital world, everyone needs to have their bank accounts and that’s why people choose to open their savings account. If you want to open your account in the UCO Bank, then you will need to fill the form for it. The form should be filled with correct details otherwise the form may not be valid or your account will contain the wrong information. This is the process to open your savings account from the bank which provides best services to its customers:

Process for opening an Account

  • You can online website for getting form for opening savings account and then you can start completing the steps which are asked from you.
  • Make sure that you fill all the details correct in the form. After filling your savings account form, make sure that you sign it on your form because the form with signature of any other person won’t be accepted by the bank.
  • For the people who use thumb impression will need three passport size photographs and the one who uses signature will need to attach two passport size photographs. While filling the savings account, all of the customers will need to have their PAN Card number with them.
  • The bank owns the right to check out about the details provided by you in the form from any third party. The account holders can go to the official website of the bank for filling their online form
  • The account holder will be provided passbook at the time of opening the account. The account holders of this bank will be provided 20 free cheques each year which they can use when they need them. At the time, when the customers need to issue the cheque, they will need to ensure that they have money in their bank account.

Process for closing the account

Although the customers won’t feel any kind of problem when they would open their account in this bank it might be possible that they feel to close their account. The customers can close their account after twelve months if they don’t want to get charged for it. Within 14 days of opening account, the customers can close their account without making any payment for it. After 14 days and before 12 months, the customers can’t close their accounts without making a small payment to the bank authority.

The bank also owns the right to close any account if they will think that it is not being operated properly.

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