Oriental Bank Of Commerce (OBC) Credit Card Bill Payment – How To Do Online/Offline

​ Oriental bank of commerce offers various credit card options for their customers. Apart from providing credit card services it also provides financial assistance and support with multiple financial programs specially designed to fulfill the need and meet the demand of the customer.

The credit card is used by every other person but apart from using it paying its bill timely is also very important.

 Oriental Bank Of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payment Online method

Below listed are the two methods you can follow to pay online credit card bill of Oriental bank:


  • The customers of oriental bank of commerce can easily pay their outstanding monthly credit card bill using
  • First, open the PAYNET which is an online portal. On this website page, you need to fill in all your asked information such as phone number, email id and credit card number.
  • After which you need to fill your outstanding amount.
  • Then, select “Net Banking” and fill in the account number of your bank from which you wish to pay your credit card bill.
  • After which you will be redirected to the bank page of the particular bank selected were you need to your authentic card details and confirm the payment which will show successfully paid with transaction reference number when money is deducted.

NEFT payment for OBC-SBI account holder

  • To make quick payment through NEFT you first need to log in to your desired bank net banking account and add the “Oriental Bank Of Commerce” credit card holders name as the beneficiary in the third party.
  • The IFSC code for “Oriental Bank Of Commerce” SBI is SBIN00CARDS. In the column of bank name, you need to enter SBI credit card with the address.
  • After clicking on submit icon it will take 24 hours to add it as beneficiary. Once it is added as a beneficiary you can easily make a quick payment.

Oriental Bank Of Commerce Credit Card Bill Payment Offline method

Cash deposit

  • The customers can pay the outstanding amount of their orient bank of commerce credit card via. cash deposit at eh bank counter. After receiving your request for credit card bill payment amount they will issues bank receipt in return.

Cheque payment

  • If cash payment seems inconvenient to you, then you can also issue a cheque in name of Oriental Bank Of Commerce Credit Card and deposit it to any of the nearby bank branches. After which they will give you a small receipt in return for receiving your cheque.


  • The credit card holders of Oriental Bank Of Commerce can pay the outstanding amount via dropping cheque at any OBC bank branch or ATM drop box.

SBI dropbox

  • Similarly you also use SBI dropbox also but for that, in the payee name section you have to write”SBI card 16 digit number”. Before dropping your cheque recheck the amount, day, date, signature, account number etc.

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