RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment – How To Do Online/Offline

Indians are fast pushing the country towards the cashless mode with their growing preference for credit cards. Convenient and easy to use, credit cards are in vogue also because of benefits like cash back and rewards programmes.

And if you have a credit card issued by RBL Bank, then even bill payments are a breeze for the banks offers its clients a host of options to pay their dues punctually.

How to pay credit card bill online

If you find the online mode of payment easier, then so be it. Here’s a list of the ways you can pay your credit card bill online:

Via NEFT transfer

  • This facility is really useful for those clients who have an account with other banks as well.
  • For starters, one has to add the RBL Bank as a beneficiary
  • Next, simply transfer the amount of the bill via a NEFT transfer.
  • It normally takes a maximum of two business days for the payment to be updated.

Via RBL MyCard Mobile App

  • This facility can be availed by only those RBL Bank clients who are registered for the bank’s mobile banking facility.
  • One start with by simply logging in to the mobile app
  • Next, choose the ‘credit card’ category and pay the bill.
  • The method takes a maximum of two business days to reflect.

Via Quick Bill Pay

  • The facility comprises three ways in which one could pay a credit card bill. These are as follows:


  • To avail this facility, one needs to be a registered user of netbanking service.
  • Once registered, one needs to log in: https://bit.ly/2K2mKL1 and enter the required details.
  • Once logged in, a user has to click on the credit cards and choose if they want to pay the ‘minimum amount due’ or the entire bill amount and finally pay.


  • In this option, the payment is facilitated by a third party digital payments platform PayU and is mainly for users with a spare account with any other bank.
  • This service can be availed at https://ccservices.rblbank.com/RblPayU/.
  • All one has to do is enter the required details and the amount of the bill would be debited from your account.
  • The user would be alerted of the payment through an email or an SMS.

Bill desk

  • This facilitated is executed through another third party arrangement between RBL Bank and a digital payments platform Bill desk.
  • This option could be availed at https://pgi.billdesk.com/pgidsk/pgmerc/rtncard/RTN_card.jsp and is perfect for users with an account with another bank.

How to pay the bill offline

Here’s a list of ways with which you could pay your credit card bill offline as well:

Via cash and cheque

  • For paying the bill in cash, one simply has to visit the nearest RBL Bank branch and seek help from the staff
  • For paying the bill via cheque, one can write a cheque in the name of the RBL Bank Credit Car No. and submit at any of the cheque collection boxes put up at various bank branches.

Via Standing Instructions

  • Existing savings account holders can give the bank standing instructions to deduct the bill amount every month from the account.

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