Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

Arunachal Pradesh rural bank is providing the personal, corporate and Agricultural Banking services in rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh. This bank is sponsored by State Bank of India and managed by the government of Arunachal Pradesh and India. In this Bank, the consumers can apply for savings bank account, current account and corporate account. They are also providing the facility of a cheque book and pass book to the account holder. As an account holder in this Bank, you should know about the minimum balance limit and service charges.

Here is the complete information regarding the minimum balance limit and service charges in savings account at Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank:

Saving Account

  • Minimum Balance Limit – Rs.200
  • Minimum balance charge :100/- per annum

No-frill (Zero balance Savings Bank Accounts)

  • Minimum balance : zero balance with limitation of volume of transactions as per RBI norms
  • Service charges : No service charges

Daily Deposit (Saving Bank) Accounts

  • Minimum Balance :50/-
  • Service charge : Nil

Current Account

  • Initial deposits required :5000/-
  • minimum balance to be maintained Rs.2500/-
  • For non-maintenance of minimum balance :50/- per month

To get more information regarding the minimum balance limit and service charges, you can visit the website link At this website link, you will find detailed information regarding all kinds of accounts in this regional rural bank.

You can also visit the nearest bank branch of Arunachal Pradesh rural bank to get such information when you are getting any of the services in this Bank.

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