What To Do If I Have Not Received My ATM Card?

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is one of the most important services provided by banks today. Most of us know that we need an ATM card to get the services from an ATM and the banks provide us with the ATM card on our request. Most of the people receive their ATM card within 7-10 days after they place their request with the bank. Every bank registered with the Reserve Bank of India has to provide the ATM to the users within this time limit.

Usually, All banks send the welcome kit within seven working days to the address of correspondence mentioned in your account opening application form. If you have not contacted the bank branch or the personnel; do so right away and verify if the correspondence address mentioned by you is the same as listed in the bank’s database. Check out below list for the reason for Non-Delivery Of ATM Cards.

Few Common Reasons For Non-Delivery Of ATM Cards Are:

However, some people don’t receive the card within the time mentioned above. Below given are some of the reasons for such issues and the steps you can take to receive your ATM card.

  1. Failure to submit PAN card or From 60
  2. KYC feature not updated for your account
  3. More than one address registered on a single account
  4. Registered post returned or withheld at the post office because of the absence of receiver at the address.
  5. The mistake in address and pin code

Steps to Get Bank ATM Card

Now, these are the common reasons for not receiving the ATM card. Below mentioned are the steps you could take to track the ATM card.

  • Step 1: If you have not received your ATM card within 7-10 or maximum within 15 days, contact your bank account branch first. The customer care number for each bank is available online, inquire with customer care.
  • Step 2: If you are not satisfied with the customer care authorities’ explanation, visit the branch, and talk to the staff, let them know your issue. Verify the details recorded in your bank account records.
  • Step 3: If the non-delivery is because you have something to be updated, the bank will let you know. Update the details and apply for the card again.
  • Step 4: If the bank has already sent the ATM card, collect the tracking ID of your package.
  • Step 5: Visit the India post official website and then enter your tracking ID and the page will display the status of your package.
  • Step 6: if the page displays the package as delivered, then visit your nearest post office and provide the tracking ID to inquire the status. Most probably the card would be withheld at the post office because the receiver was not available on the address. If the post office has returned the package, you can collect the card from your bank account branch.

These are the few things you can do to track your ATM card delivery status and receive your ATM card. If the bank authorities and the branch manager neglect your complaint or refuse to take action on your complaint and if you have a copy of every complaint submitted to the bank authorities, you can file a complaint with the bank Ombudsman. The Bank Ombudsman would definitely provide a solution to your issue.

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