The IDFC bank is one of the most popular banks of India. This bank provides all its customers holding an account in a bank with ATM-Cum-Debit Card. An ATM card is used for various important purposes like withdrawing money with the use of ATM machine and performing others offline and online transactions. An ATM card enables us to perform quick and easy transactions. Debit cards provide great flexibility to do instant payment to customers from their accounts to view and control their use. IDFC bank offers the following services-

Commonly we keep our ATM card in a wallet or purse. In the case when you have lost your purse or wallet or it has been stolen, you at once need to block your ATM card. In such a situation, blocking an ATM card is essential so that no one can make misuse of it or unauthorized access to your account.

When to Block IDFC Bank ATM Debit Card?

There may occur various situations in which you need to block your ATM card. Here are some of the circumstances where you need to block your ATM card-

3 Steps To Block IDFC Bank ATM Debit Card?

There are three methods of blocking IDFC ATM Cards-

Blocking IDFC ATM Card By Calling on Customer Care Number-

Blocking IDFC ATM Card via E-mail

Blocking IDFC ATM Card by Visiting IDFC Bank Branch

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