Bandhan Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

Now it is easy to manage your savings with the Savings account of Bandhan Account which will let the customers earn you a higher rate of interest. Now you can enjoy great banking services with the standard banking facilities made available by the bank for its customers.

Opening a savings account has become easy and managing it has become easier now.

Minimum Balance Limit and charges

Standard Savings account

The bank has set a minimum amount of balance limit for its customers with standard benefits. The minimum balance requirement will be of Rs.5000 in the saving account of this bank is necessary for every customer in this bank. When the minimum balance is not maintained, then the customers will have to pay the penalty to the bank.

Premium Account

The minimum average monthly balance requirement in this account is of Rs.100,000.  When the customers will open their premium account in this bank, then they will be able to get high transaction limits and there will no service charges on the banking services. After opening the account in this bank, the customers will get a lot of complimentary things which include Pass Book, Debit ATM card, Net Banking, Mobile Banking and various other services. You can visit this website for more details

Special Savings account

When the customers will choose to open a special saving account, then they will get cheque pick-up and drop facility at home. The minimum quarterly balance requirement for all the customers in this account is Rs.5000. The cash deposit limit in this account of Rs. 5 Lakhs will be free per month.

With the 24 hours of call and support services, the bank is available for providing the services of the best level to the customers.

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