How To Open Bank of India (BOI) PPF Account Online/Offline

Bank of India is one of the leading banking organisations in the country and they are known to provide a complete range of digital banking solutions to the consumers. You will also find the facility of public provident fund account in this Bank. If you want to choose the scheme of PPF in Bank of India, you will find it for 15 years.

They are also providing the option of extension for 5 more years. You will be able to deposit minimum Rs.500 every year in your PPF account.

This facility is very beneficial for the consumers of Bank of India because they will be able to get a tax free return on the long-time saving in this account.

If you want to open public provident fund account in the bank of India, you can use the following method for it:

  • Visit the bank branch

The facility to open PPF account is available at all the branches of Bank Of India. You just need to get the application form with the online or offline process and can submit it with all the mandatory information to the bank branch. Every consumer will be able to apply for PPF account according to the eligibility criteria.

  • Use internet banking facility for PPF account

The consumers and account holders in Bank of India will be able to apply for PPF account by using internet banking facility. If you want to use your internet banking account, you can visit the website link for it. There will be an option to apply for new PPF account and you can fill the application form online for it.

If you need any kind of additional information on PPF scheme in Bank of India, you can visit the website link for it. There will be complete details about eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions.

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