How To Block/Unblock Maharashtra Gramin Bank ATM Debit Card

In the present time, almost every Bank account holder is using the facility of ATM and debit card for balance enquiry, money withdrawal or transactions. When you are using ATM or debit card of any Bank, it is always important to keep it safe and protected. In Maharashtra Gramin Bank, they are offering the facility of Rupay debit card to consumers and account holders. In this regional rural bank, they are providing a bunch of services and facilities to the consumers and account holders.

There is always a chance to lose or misplace the debit card because of various causes.  If you are facing the situation of lost or stolen Rupay debit card as a consumer of Maharashtra Gramin Bank, you should make a request for hotlisting of your card. It will be very beneficial to keep your bank account protected and safe from any unauthorised access. In this bank, you will find the following options to make the request for hotlisting of your card:

Call at 24/7 toll-free number

When it comes to using the easiest and quickest way for hotlisting of your debit card in Maharashtra Gramin Bank, you will be able to contact them 24 x 7 at their toll-free helpline number. When you need assistance regarding your lost or stolen Rupay debit card in this regional rural bank, you just need to dial 1800 323 2133 from your registered mobile number. They are always available to provide such help to the consumers and account holders.

Visit the bank branch for hotlisting of card

If you are unable to get the customer care services at this number, you can make a visit to the nearest branch of Maharashtra Gramin Bank for this request. If you want the address of the nearest branch of this regional rural bank, you can visit the official website link for it. They will manually complete the request when you will submit the application form for hotlisting of your card at the bank branch.

To complete the request of hotlisting of your Rupay debit card, you will need to pay the application fee of 150 rupees in this Bank. By using any of these methods, the consumers can easily prevent any kind of misuse of the ATM or debit card in such emergencies. These services are very beneficial to keep the bank account safe from unauthorized access by blocking the debit card.

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