How To Block/Unblock Bank of Maharashtra ATM Debit Card

Bank of Maharashtra is a government owned bank founded in the year 1935. The bank is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Bank of Maharashtra operates a total of 1897 branches in the country.

Bank of Maharashtra ATM/Debit card enables the customers buy products at retail outlets and withdraw money from ATMs in India and abroad. The limit of cash withdrawal through the card is Rs 20,000. In case of cash withdrawals at other bank ATMs, the limit is Rs 10,000. 5 free cash withdrawals from other bank ATMs are allowed for each month. A charge of Rs 20/- per transaction is imposed if more than 5 withdrawals are made by the customer. No fee is charged by the bank for issuing the card. Bank of Maharashtra charges an annual fee of Rs 100/- for maintenance of ATM/Debit card. Service tax is separately charged from second year onwards.

If your Bank of Maharashtra ATM/Debit card has been stolen or lost then you need to get it blocked immediately. Three methods to block the card have been described here.

Customer care support

The customer can make a call to the customer care of the bank.

The toll free number is 1800-425-0018. Speak to a customer care executive.

  • Tell the executive that you want to block your card.
  • Provide the information asked for by the customer care executive such as account number, date of birth, recent transactions, balance, etc.
  • The information provided by you is verified. Thereafter, the card is blocked instantly.

The customer can also contact the ATM Card Cell to make a request for blocking the card. The numbers have been listed here.

  • 022-22691746
  • 022-22691322
  • 022-22692289


The customer can also send an email requesting the bank to block the ATM/Debit card. The email must be sent to the customer care department of the bank. The email address is Other email addresses where the mail can be sent are as follows.


Visit the home branch

The customer has a third option of visiting the home branch of Maharashtra Bank. Home branch is where the customer has the account. The customer needs to inform the branch officials about the loss of card and put in a request to block the card. Once the details are verified, the card is blocked instantly.

How to unblock the card?

If the card gets blocked due to any reason, the customer needs to call the customer care of the bank if the card is not automatically unblocked after 24 hours. The card usually gets reset after 24 hours. A visit to the home branch may be necessary if the customer care is not able to unblock the card.

These were the three methods for blocking/unblocking your Bank of Maharashtra ATM/Debit card. The most simple and easy method is to contact the customer care department of the bank by dialing any of the above mentioned toll free numbers. For more information, you can visit the official website of the bank

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