Catholic Syrian Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

The Catholic Syrian Bank provides six types of Savings account to the customers. These are the four main types of savings account which are preferred by the customers. These are details of minimum balance limit for all these accounts.

 CSB Platinum savings account

The minimum average quarterly balance in this account should be of Rs. 100,000. The cash withdrawal limits will be up to 75,000 rupees per day. The customers will get a small locker free when they will open the premium savings account in the Catholic Syrian Bank.

CSB Gold Savings Account

The customers can open the gold savings account if they want to get the best convenient services along with the affordable package. The minimum average quarterly balance in this account should be of Rs. 25,000. For more detailed information of the advantages of opening the savings account in this bank, one can visit the website

CSB Silver Savings Account

Along with the various beneficial services, the customers will be able to withdraw maximum amount of Rs.75,000 per day. The customers will get 20% discount on the locker rentals with the minimum average quarterly balance of Rs.5000.

CSB Orange savings Account

When the customers will open their account in this bank, they will be able to get more than 2,000 shopping offers on Rupay Debit Card. This card will provide complimentary domestic airport lounge access. The minimum average quarterly balance is to be Rs.500 in rural and semi-urban areas. The minimum balance for the urban areas is Rs.1000. In the absence of the minimum balance, the customers will have to pay the penalty charges.

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