How To Change /Update Mobile Number in Dena Bank Online

The Dena Bank was established in the year 1938 on the 26th of May.  But it became a public limited company in December 1939. Previously, it was known as the Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company based on the family that founded the banking company. The name was changed to Dena bank in 1939. It happened at the same time when 13 other major banks were also nationalized.  In 1969, the Dena bank was nationalized and it is at present a public sector bank that has been constituted under the Banking Companies Act.

The Dena Bank has its headquarters at Mumbai and has a well-knit network of  1,773 branches offering banking services that matter.

Changing or updating the mobile number in Dena Bank online

  • In case you are an account holder and have to change the mobile number you have given when you opened the account because the number has changed, it is necessary to give the new number to the Bank.
  • Similarly, if you have not given your Mobile number at all at the time of opening the account, it is again important to update your account details by giving the mobile number.
  • This will help you to keep track of the notifications about your transactions. It will also help you to know about the changes in service charges and other new rules that the bank will keep you informed of from time to time.

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Changing/ updating online

  • You can update or change the mobile number linked to the account you hold at Dena Bank by visiting the official website of the Bank: downloading the letter of application, filling it up and submitting it along with the photocopy of your Aadhar card.
  • Make sure you carry your original Aadhar with you when you visit the branch. Your mobile number will be registered within 2  working days.

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  1. Hello sir I am Kolipatel Shardaben Mandandhai have dena bank a/c sir i like to register my mobile number aadhar number

  2. Hello sir I am pravin. I want to update my mobile number in dena bank in my old account. I want to change number.

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