How to Check Kotak Bank Credit Card Application Status Online?

Kotak bank is one of the fastest growing private sector banks in India. This bank is one of the trusted institutions from its beginning in 1985. This bank offers a wide range of financial services that are relevant to all spheres of life. The bank is functioning with outstanding technological values to serve its customers on multiple platforms. The vision behind this bank is to create value beyond its size.

Kotak bank acts as a repository to the savings of the customers and acts as a single window for all the financial needs of the customers.

About credit cards

Kotak bank provides a variety of credit cards, 19 in number to the customers. Some of such credit cards are Royale Signature credit card, Privy League Visa Signature credit card, PVR Gold Credit card, Aqua Gold Credit card, PVR Platinum credit card, Fortune Gold Credit card, Corporate Gold Credit card, Corporate Platinum Credit card, Best Price credit card, Wealth Management Infinite Credit card, Corporate Wealth Signature Credit card, NRI Royale Signature credit card etc. For more information, login to the website to know more about credit card application procedure, your credit card application status, etc.

How to check Kotak bank credit card application status online?

  • If you apply for your credit card online through our web portal, you will immediately get your application reference number or a unique identification number through SMS to your registered mobile number and email id.
  • To track your application status, your future correspondence with the bank in connection with your credit card is linked up with the application reference number and registered mobile number.
  • You can track your credit card application status through the web portal or through the bank’s toll free number or customer care number.
  • In case if you applied for your credit card offline, you will get an application reference number in a slip by the agent or executive of the bank. You can use this application reference number for future correspondence with the bank regarding your credit card application status.
  • On visiting the official website, check for ‘explore products’ option and then ‘credit card services’ option. In that page, click ‘check application status ‘option.
  • In check application status page, you have to enter details about your application reference number and application form number and then click ‘check status’ button.
  • You may get a reply through SMS or on the computer screen after pressing check status button.
  • You may get answers like ‘in progress’, ‘approved’, ‘on hold’ or ‘declined’ regarding your application status.
  • If you see ‘in-progress’, it shows your application is under review.
  • If you see ‘approved’, it means your application is approved and will be dispatched shortly.
  • If you see’on-hold’, it means your application is put on hold for further procedures and your application lacks required information or eligibility.
  • If you find ‘declined’, it means your application is denied because your application does not meet the norms and eligibility criteria.
  • You should consult the bank for further procedures.

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