Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank Mobile Banking – How to Activate?

The customers of the Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank can choose to enjoy the best services provided by the bank. The bank allows the customers to do mobile transactions with the help of mobile banking facility.

When you have got the mobile phone, then you should definitely take the help of mobile banking facilities provided by one of the best banks in the country. Here is detail more about Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank IFSC Code

What are the facilities provided to customers with mobile banking?

Banking transactions

All kind of banking transactions can be done by using this mobile app which can be downloaded from this website

After going on this website, the customers can choose to register themselves in the app.

Transfer of funds

The customers can easily transfer money into other’s account with their mobile only and they can also get their funds transferred into their own account. The third party transfer within the bank can be possible with the help of this facility.

Transfer to other’s bank accounts

If customers want to transfer money into other bank’s account, then they choose to use mobile banking services. The customers can easily transfer the money to other person’s account with the help of mobile banking.

IMPS transfer

The customers can easily make the IMPS transfer with the Aadhar card, IFSC code, mobile number and using the account number.

Cheque facilities

The customers also get the cheque facilities when they choose to take the help of best mobile banking services.

Merchant payments

The businessmen require to make payments, many times and they can do this if they will have the mobile banking app on their mobile phone.

Who are eligible for using the mobile banking facility?

The customers of the bank who have their account in this bank can choose to use this service. The only things which the customers will need are that they will need to register their mobile numbers with their bank accounts. They will need to go to the bank branch for registering their mobile number with their account. The customers will need to fill a form to complete the procedure.

The customers can also go to the nearest ATM for adding their mobile number to their bank account. After connecting their account with their mobile number, the customers will be able to use the mobile banking services on their smartphones.

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