DBS Net Banking – How to Register?

There are a lot of international banks that have branches in India. A lot of these banks offer retail banking solutions to customers in India. Talking about one such bank, we have DBS bank in the country, which is a bank from Singapore. It has its global headquarters in Singapore, and the bank was set up in the year 1968. Since then, the bank established operations in countries like China, India, Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, South Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the USA. 

Talking about the Indian operations of the bank, it has its branches across the 22 major cities in India, and it has a total of 33 branches. It offers world-class facilities and customer service to its customers, and this is the reason why a lot of people prefer having a bank account with DBS Bank. If you also have an account in DBS Bank or if you plan to open the account with DBS Bank then let us tell you about the procedures to activate the net banking here. You will find all the relevant details in this article.

How to Register for DBS Bank Net Banking ID & Password

Obtaining the Net Banking ID and Password is fairly simple in DBS Bank. You get all the user names while you open the account with the DBS Bank. This is a part of the standard registration kit. There is nothing extra that you need to do to get the Net Banking ID in the case of DBS Bank. You can set the password for the DBS Bank Net Banking during the activation procedure. We have listed the process to activate the DBS Bank Net Banking in the next section so you can move on to the next section, and you will get the required details for activating the DBS Bank Net Banking. 

Steps to Activate DBS Bank Net Banking

You can activate the DBS Bank Net Banking via online medium, and it is also very easy to follow the process. Follow the procedure below in order to activate the net banking for DBS bank.

  • You need to start by visiting the official website of Digi Bank. The link to the website is https://www.dbs.com/india/default.page
  • Now click on the login button on the top right corner and select Digi Bank i-Banking. This will take you to the login page for the bank. You can also visit the page directly by visiting https://internet-banking.dbsbank.in/in/retail/individualLogon
  • Below the login button, you will notice a button for the Sign up Now. Click on the option and you will now be taken to a new page.
  • On the first drop-down menu, you need to select Register for Net Banking. Now enter your ATM Debit Card Number, Card Pin, Email Address and Date of Birth.
  • After entering the details, you will be asked to validate these details before you are able to set the new password. 
  • Set up the new password and this is done. You will be able to able to login to your account using your User Name and Password. If you face any trouble during the process of activating DBS Net Banking, you can contact the customer services.

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How to Change DBS Bank Password/Forgot Password

If you are not able to recall the password for your DBS Bank then there is a way to reset that as well. It is very similar to the activation procedure, and below is the detailed procedure to change the DBS Bank Password.

  • You can again visit the link https://internet-banking.dbsbank.in/in/retail/individualLogon. For resetting the password. This is also the direct login page for the DBS Bank.
  • Select the option to retrieve your Internet Banking password. The option is available below the login button. 
  • Now, in the top drop-down menu, select the reset your password option. In the following fields, enter the Debit Card Number, Card PIN, and the Date of Birth. 
  • Validate the OTP that you just received on your mobile phone, and you will then be able to set a new password for your account. This way, you will be able to reset the password if you forgot the one that you set previously.

How to Change DBS Bank Pin/ Forgot Pin

The good thing about the DBS Bank Debit Card is that it has no charges for withdrawing cash and it also offers a huge withdrawal limit to the customers. If you are looking to reset the PIN for your DBS Bank Debit card then follow the steps listed below

  • Visit the DBS Bank website and login to your account using the user name and password. This will take you to the dashboard of your account.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will notice an options menu for the Debit Card. Click on the option to expand the various services available.
  • Click on the Set PIN option. You will now be asked to verify the details and to enter the CVV Number of the card once you enter the details.
  • You will now be asked to set a 4 digit PIN on your card. Once you do that, click on save the Pin button. This will reset your Debit Card pin

How to Deactivate DBS Bank Net Banking

There are very few banks that would offer you the flexibility to deactivate the net banking account via online mediums. This is something that is still not a standard in the service booklet of the banks. This is true for the DBS Bank as well, and to deactivate the net banking in DBS Bank, you would need to call the customer services. Once your call is routed to the agent, you must inform them that you would like to deactivate the net banking services. You will be asked for the reason for the informational purposes, and the agent will then validate your details. Post validation, the bank account will be deactivated instantly. In addition to this, you can also visit the branch to deactivate the bank account, but we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to reach the branch immediately. The preferred way to raise a complaint and deactivate net banking is via Phone Banking only.

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