Dena Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Dena Bank was found on 26th May 1938 and became nationalized in July 1969. As per Banking Companies Act 1970, Dena Bank became a Private sector bank. It became the first Indian bank to introduce credit card for rural inhabitants of India. Recently, it has launched its latest initiative i.e. new mobile banking feature.

SMS banking is one of the earliest mobile banking features. This feature is available on both CDMA as well as GSM handsets. With the growth of technology, mobile banking is not limited to messages alone.

With the help of mobile banking, customers can self-generate their passwords using Debit card details. In order to access the mobile banking feature, users will have to click the website link

The new mobile banking channel known as Unstructured Supplementary Services Data(USSD) channel is launched under the scheme of National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI).

In order to activate mobile banking feature, Dena Bank customers can choose from one of the following options.

  1. Bank ATM
  2. Visit branch
  3. Downloading DenaMConnect
  4. Downloading Dena Banking mobile banking app

Bank ATM

  1. First swipe debit card in ATM and log in with the secret PIN. After logging in select MConnect Option.
  2. Next select Registration option.
  3. Enter registered mobile number.
  4. Select savings/current account option.

Visiting branch

The client will have to fill in the personal details including contact information in the mobile banking form. He or she has to sign at the space provided. His application is furthered by banking staff after document and signature verification. This is the most time intensive procedure as clients might have to wait in queues or sit in the branch if directed by banking staff.

Downloading Dena MConnect

For existing customers

Existing mobile customers can download services form through the website link,9,424,427.

A pdf form gets downloaded instantly. The customer must fill the details like Name, mobile number, branch and the details of mobile banking post-registration services. He can choose to keep same mobile number same or opt for a new mobile number or getting mobile banking services.

For new customers

If the mobile number of the customer is not pre-registered with Dena Bank, he has to download the registration form. He is required to furnish basic details like name, primary account number, contact information, and address. Once the form is complete the customer must scan through the terms and conditions and put his signature in the space provided at the bottom.

Downloading Dena Banking mobile banking app

An Android customer has to download mobile banking app on Google store. Dena Banking mobile app is supported on OS 2.3. .Click

The mobile banking application is the simplest way and comes with a host of benefits. The client can upload a profile picture. The new application also provides ease of navigation.

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