Dena Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

Dena Bank was founded in the year 1938 on 26th May. This is a public bank which has 1773 branches across the country with main headquarters in Mumbai. The bank provides wealth and asset management services to their customers. Though, the bank focuses completely on providing new facilities to its customers from time to time.

Even after keeping so much attention and care, some mistakes do arise in front of customers while using ATMs or other banking facilities. The bank has provided the option to make complaints in various ways. The customers can file a complaint about their different kind of issues in the bank branch.

Make a complaint through the official website of the bank

  • You can make the complaint regarding any of the ATM issues or credit card issues on the online website of the bank which is given here.,8,34

  • Make sure that you have an internet connection to use this facility.
  • You will need to go to the website of the bank and then find out the complaint form for you.
  • After you have got the complaint form, you can fill the form with correct details.
  • The wrong details may not help you in getting your problem solved.
  • After submitting the complaint form, you will need to wait for some time and your problem will definitely solve.
  • You can also check the status of your complaint so that you can know that your complaint is seen by someone or not.

Complaints through SMS

If you don’t have an internet connection, then you can make the complaint by using the SMS facility. This is an easy facility to use and one can send a message to the bank without spending much amount of money. This online complaint and SMS services are an easy and convenient process for the customers because they don’t have to go anywhere to file the complaint.

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