Deutsche Bank India Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

At a time, when mobile and internet banking are fast making inroads into the Indian society’s banking habits, savings bank accounts have still managed to maintain their following, thanks to their easy operations.

What works in their favour is that they appeal to the public because of their simple yet efficient mechanism which enabled people to save and earn interest at the same time. Banks like Deutsche Bank have added to the appeal of these saving instruments by customizing them as per their clients’ varying needs.

Deutsche Bank’s Indian arm has fast come up as a premium banking institution in the country.

It’s premium offerings have enabled it to move from strength-to-strength and create a huge customer base for itself.

Minimum Balance requirement

Deutsche Bank makes it mandatory for its clients to maintain a minimum balance amount, failing which it charges a small fee. The minimum balance requirement varies with different accounts, which is given as follows:

Regular Savings account

  • For a regular savings account, one needs to maintain an average quarterly balance (AQB) is not applicable

Expat Savings Account

  • For this account, one needs to maintain an AQB of Rs 40,000. On failure to maintain the AQB , the bank charges the percentage difference between the AQB or assets under management and the minimum balance requirement, whichever is lower.

Savings Account Value Plus

  • For this type of account, one needs to maintain a AQB or AUM of Rs 150,000. If the client fails to maintain the minimum balance, then the bank charges the difference between the minimum cap and AUM or AQB.

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