Doha Bank India Balance Enquiry Check by SMS & Missed Call Number

Now it is easy to stay updated with your account information just in few seconds. You never need to visit a bank branch, ATM all website of the bank to get such short information like your account balance or last few transactions. Banking institutes are providing the services of SMS and missed call to provide such short and useful information to the account holders. When you are unable to use internet banking services, these SMS and missed call services will be really helpful to get information on the account balance.

The account holders in Doha Bank India will be able to get benefits of SMS banking to an inquiry on the account balance. These facilities are very useful for the account holders in Doha Bank India because they can get information on account balance, last five transactions, credit card balance and much more in few seconds. If you also want to use this SMS service for such information about your account balance, here is the complete process for it:

Balance & Mini Statement Inquiry With SMS Services

If you have an account in Doha Bank India, you just need to type the following SMS keywords on your mobile to get quick information about your account:

  • Account Balance – Send SMS <BAL>Space<Account Nickname>
  • Credit Card Balance – Send SMS <CBAL>Space<Account Nickname>
  • Last 5 Transactions – Send SMS <LTX>Space<Account Nickname>

Then you will send this SMS to the number 92610 to get quick information. They will send a reply to your SMS in a few seconds with required information about your account in Doha Bank India.

The Process To Register Mobile Number For SMS Banking Services

If you want to get the benefits with this SMS banking service in Doha Bank India, it is essential to register your mobile number to your bank account. You can register the mobile number when you are going to open a new account or you can register later with an existing bank account.

Whether you can use online services with Internet Banking to register your mobile number or you can visit the branch of Doha Bank India to register the mobile number with the offline process. During the registration of your mobile number, they will send secure pin on your mobile. Then you will use this security into login to your online account at the official website of Doha Bank. You will get a confirmation message on your registered number after the activation of this service.

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