Doha Bank India Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Doha Bank India is providing the facility of mobile banking by the name of DBank Mobile for the convenience of its customers for availing the banking services through few fingertips. For accessing the mobile banking services, one is required to download the application either from the App Store or Play Store.

Therefore, for experiencing the banking services in the pleasurable and user-friendly manner, the customer of Doha Bank has to register.

How to activate DBank Mobile?

If the customer goes to self-registration for using the DBank Online Service, then automatically he will be eligible for the Doha Bank Mobile Banking. So, if anyone is not registered for the Doha Bank online banking, then he should go for registration for DBank Online Services.

Therefore for accessing the services of mobile banking of Doha Bank, online banking services must be activated.

For registration, click on this link:

It is the link to complete the process of self-registration. The self-registration for mobile banking will be completed in three steps:

  • Entering customer details
  • Validating the one time password(OTP)
  • Registering for mobile banking

In the customer details, the interested customer of Doha Bank will enter his following details:

  • Desired mobile banking username
  • Customer number: you will find your customer number in your account number of Doha Bank. For example, if the account number is 203-4567890-2-10-0, then the customer number is 4567890.
  • It will be followed by entering the branch code. The customer will find their branch code in their account number only. For example, if the account number is 203-4567890-2-10-0, then the bank code is 203.
  • After this, the system will check the availability of the username and then the customer will proceed to further steps.
  • Now, he will enter the debit card number and its expiry date. He will also enter his Debit Card PIN.
  • After accepting the Terms and Conditions only, he will move to further steps.
  • After that, OTP will be validated and registration for mobile banking will be completed.

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