Doha Bank India Online Complaint – How to Do?

Doha Bank is one of the leading international banks in the world. The large base of customers of Doha Bank transacts every day but face many issues as well. The issues can range from operational to fraud. But do you need to visit a branch every time for the complaint? Well, in the modern banking world, you need not to.

Doha Bank offers online complaint option for you.

Here is how you can do it.

Online Complaint or Query Doha Bank

Step 1

Visit the Doha Bank website to raise a complaint or query or click here (

Step 2

The Query or Complaint form will appear on your screen

Step 3

Provide the mandatory customer number and Customer Name. Ensure it matches the bank records.

Step 4

Give your Mobile Number registered with the Bank

Step 5

Select your branch and provide the Email ID.

Step 6

Select the Query or Complaint area. It depends on the issue you are facing starting from AMEX Card, ATM, Loan, E-Channel Services, Insurance, Lulu Card, Housing Loan, Customer Service, Utility payments and so on. You have to make sure that it is relevant to your complaint.

Step 7

Briefly explain your complaint in not more than 500 characters about the complaint you are facing. You must highlight the points.

Step 8

Enter the Captcha and submit the request.

Step 9

Your complaint will be registered with the Doha Bank and you will receive the confirmation upon submitting.

The Customer Care will get back to you with further queries on your complaint either on the Mobile Number or through the email.

Contact Doha Bank

In case you are not able to raise a complaint online, you can visit the contact us page of the Doha Bank to directly contact the executives regarding the complaint. You can click here( to reach the contact us bank.

You can also reach out to the following people-

Doha Bank (Kochi Branch) – Benny Paul (Branch Manager) (Email:

Doha Bank (Mumbai Branch) – Suresh Payal (Manager – Operations) (Email:

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