Gramin Bank of Aryavart Net Banking Online – How to Register/Activate?

Gramin Bank of Aryavart is a bank that came into existence on 1st April 2013. The Gramin Bank was a result of the amalgamation of two rural banks. The rural banks that were amalgamated include the Aryavrat Gramin Bank and the Shreyas Gramin Bank.

These banks were previously sponsored by the Bank of India and Canara bank respectively. The amalgamated bank has its headquarters in Lucknow and it has 705 branches and 12 regional offices and operates in about 15 districts in Uttar pradesh.

Internet Banking and the purpose

The Internet banking facility is one of the services offered by the banks to provide speedy and 24X7 services with respect to the account you have in the bank such as SMS alerts, balance enquiry etc and to facilitate the online inter bank transfer of funds using NEFT and RTGS to any of the participatory banks that uses the RBI’s NEFT service. The Gramin Bank of Aryavrat allows for funds transfer as well as the operation of your account conveniently using the star connect Internet Banking Service. The Funds transfer is effected to the click of the mouse.

How to Register/ Activate?

You will have to apply to the net banking facility. You will be provided with, a user ID and Password. Visit the official website of the bank However, the details about the registration as well as activation of the internet banking facilities are under development. You can avail internet banking services using the User ID and the password and can generate new password as well to carry out Interbank transfer of funds by adding the name of the beneficiary and the bank details of the beneficiary.

The transfer of funds can be initiated on all working days between 9.15 am- 3.45 pm on weekdays while it is between 9.15 am -11.45am on Saturdays.

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