How to Become a Bank Manager In India

Banking industry comes under financial sector, everyone gets mesmerized by hearing banking jobs.  Basically, the bank is divided into three types of Investment banks, retail banks, and central banks. Banks is regulated by RBI.

5 Steps To Become a Bank Manager In India

A bank manager is someone who is in charge of a bank, or a particular branch of a bank, and who is involved in making decisions about whether or not to lend money to businesses and individuals.

Bank Managers are responsible for coordinating and directing the operational functions of financial institutions such as banks, building societies or credit unions. They oversee front-office operations, provide high levels of customer service and direct regular team meetings and training sessions.

  1. At least have a professional Bachelor Degree- The minimum qualification to become a bank manager is to be a graduate in any stream.
  2. Have the required skills- Be it any job, we need to acquire skills for that job purpose or job need. A bank manager is responsible is
  • To understand all the core function of the bank.
  • Liaison with all departments.
  • Plan the training need analysis and train the employees.
  • Understand how to increase the performance and make them more productive.
  • A bank manager must have a good networking constraint with other bank managers.
  1. Qualify the required entrance exams- Banks conduct various entrance examinations for various posts. Forgetting the required position, the person must clear the aptitude test which contains both qualitative and quantitative aptitude.
  2. Be updated with current Affairs- Being a manager, current affairs any changes must be at your fingertips.
  3. Be aware of the organizational Hierarchy- Understand the manpower requirement and see the career growth along with the team handling constraints.

Most Importantly bank manager requires an experience, minimum of at least 5 years. A person who has joined the organization as an executive level can become the bank manager as well. Domain experiences required are as follows like finance or accounting or business administration. Professional credentials are optional like CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Yes, qualifying exams are tough but working harder is not so difficult. While giving banking exams people fail many a time. It leads to frustration, but it makes a man strong and increases the competitive skill.

 Banking Coaching’s Institutes in India are as follows:

There are Different Institutes providing banking coaching or training in India, both online & offline classes.

  • Career & Competition, New Delhi.
  • Brain Equity. New Delhi.
  • JTS Institute, Bangalore.
  • Panacea Bharti Institute, Ludhiana.
  • Scaling Heights. Noida.
  • Deshwal’s Institute of Studies. Jaipur.
  • EduMentor Educational Services. New Delhi.
  • Pace Academy for Competitive Exams. Gurgaon.
  • Tara Institute, Chandigarh
  • Erudite, Kolkata

Syllabus for Banking Exams

It contains topics for all areas containing certain marks.

Quantitative Aptitude

It includes subjects like Number Systems, Probability, Quadratic Equations, arithmetic, Permutation and combination, statistics, probability etc.

Reasoning Ability

It includes solving questions on Sitting Arrangements, Test, Data Sufficiency, Non-Verbal Reasoning etc.

English Language

It covers topics like Reading Comprehension, word formation.


It includes the subject of computers like Hardware, Software, (LAN, WAN), history of computer

Current Affairs

It covers topics like news, business news, Obituaries, Reports, and Indexes ask questions on books and Authors related to Defense and Sports.

The Date for Bank Exam: The banks publish it in the newspaper or different social media websites, you are required to fill up the form and send it via courier or any other mode.

As described some amount of fees is charged.

Exam pattern:  The exam pattern is computer-based objective type of group I and group II examinations followed by Personal Interview.

Job profile: It is prescribed according to the requirement in the banks.

 Career Growth: One can get promoted to highest hierarchy level depending upon the qualifying the promotional level examination.

Advantages of a Bank Manager in the Banking Sector

  1. Growth- Along with huge sum and good grade candidates get good growth and promotion in terms of vertical hierarchy.
  2. Takes part in enhancing the economy- Since being the employee of the bank: which is the unit of Indian Economy; you get a chance to contribute to our nation’s economy.
  3. Traveling becomes a hobby- Being placed in the banking sector; you travel across the world for varied of work related to the bank.
  4. Security in Job- A job security is only in this sector there is no hire and fire system, unless and until there is some fraud in the terms.

Every human being needs a luxurious lifestyle, a good designation, reputation, name, fame etc. In reality, we are never satisfied, be it the job or be it life.  The job is a really important part of our life, we focus and try and work hard to get promoted and get a hike. To Know further details about the How Bank works in India Read Banking in India.

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