How to Register / Change Mobile Number in Yes Bank?

You must have already been aware of the services and products offered by Yes Bank. We assume that you are already associated with Yes Bank and that is the reason why you are here. Having a mobile number registered with the bank is a sort of mandatory thing these days because the mobile number can help you in getting the alerts, using mobile banking and SMS Banking.

In addition to this, it is also important to have the Mobile Number registered to use the Phone Banking. In such a case, you can’t really afford to have a wrong mobile number or no mobile number synced up with the bank. Today, we are going to share the process to register and change your mobile number in Yes Bank. Here is the process.

How to Register Mobile Number in Yes Bank?

You must note that it is not possible to register for a Mobile Number in Yes Bank through online medium. Rather, none of the banks allows the user to register a new number for the first time through the online process. In such a case, you need to take up the offline process. Below is the detailed process and you can have a look at the process.

  • To Register the Number for the first time, you need to visit the bank branch and obtain a KYC Update Form.
  • Fill in the details in the form and update your number that you wish to register with the bank. You will also have to sign the form wherever it is required.
  • Once that is done, simply submit the form to the bank and obtain an acknowledgement receipt. The bank executive will then process your request.
  • The SLA for registering a new mobile number is 2 working days however, it is done sooner than the SLA.

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How to Change Mobile Number in Yes Bank?

If you already have a mobile number registered with the bank and if you wish to change the mobile number then we are going to share the process for same with you. This can be done online if you have your secondary mobile number available with you. Here is the process to change your mobile number with help of Net Banking

  • To change the mobile number, visit the Yes Bank Website at and login to your account using your user ID and Password.
  • Once you are on the dashboard, click on Service Request from Top of the page and from the list of options displayed, click on Change Mobile Number. This will trigger an OTP request and you will receive an OTP on your old mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to validate the request. Once the OTP is validated, you will be able to enter the New Mobile Number. As soon as you submit the new mobile number, you will receive another OTP. This time, the OTP will be sent on the new mobile number.
  • Validate the OTP and once the validation is done, the request will be submitted and processed immediately. The mobile number will be updated with immediate effect and now, all the notifications from the bank will be sent on the new mobile number.

This was the process to Register or Change the Mobile Number in Yes Bank. If you face any issue during the process, you can reach out to the Yes Bank on 1800 2000 or +91 22 3099 3600. The customer service executive will help you in addressing the problem.

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