ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment- How to do Online/Offline

The ICICI Bank was promoted in 1994. It is one of the largest private sector banks with a large network of branches offering exemplary banking services.

Credit card benefits

Credit Card is a financial tool that makes shopping as well as payment of utility bills conveniently. It is the financial tool that will help you buy goods or services now and pay later. There are different types of credit cards. They also include fuel cards, travel cards, and cashback cards. You may choose the card that suits your lifestyle. However, the credit card will be effective only if you keep a count of the days of credit you can avail and make payment at the right time.

Payment of Credit Card bills online

You can pay credit card bills in multiple ways.

 Payment using an ICICI Net Banking

You should have opted for net banking facilities to use this method. You must have registered for the same. You can also opt to link the card to the Net Banking Account. When this is done, you will be getting credit card statements. To pay the credit card dues you have to log on to the bank website which is https://www.icicibank.com/ You go to the credit card payment option and click on the tab. Now you will be able to make the payment using the ICICI bank savings account.

Payment using mobile banking

For this, you will have to download the app. And install it on your phone. You can then log in using your customer ID to log in. Then you can follow the same steps as you will do in the case of the net banking facility. The credit card payment option in the mobile is protected with enhanced security features such as 128-bit SSL protection.

Auto pay facility

If you are worried about missing out on the last date for the payment of the credit card dues, you can also opt for the Auto Pay option by setting up standard instructions that will facilitate auto debit from your ICICI bank for the set amount at the set time/date.

Payments for credit cards offline

This is the traditional way. Most of the people who prefer to pay in a conventional way in person or because they cannot access the net. The two methods by which you can make payment offline includes

Payment by cash

You can visit the ICICI Bank branches which are closest to you. You can make payment for the credit card with cash. However, you will be incurring a processing fee of Rs.100 for each payment and along with the prescribed service tax at that time.

Payment by cheque

You can visit the branch of the bank and yet make payment using the cheque by dropping the cheque on which you have mentioned the credit card number and other details in the drop box for cheques. But the clearing time for the cheques may vary and it will take up to 3 days. Therefore it is important to make the payment in advance to ensure it is paid before the due date.

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