How to Get ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement

The credit card is one of the best revolutionary services that are provided by banks in India today. There was a time when people had to meet several strict criteria to avail a credit card in India. But, today, things have changed the banks introduced several new offers and types of credit cards. ICICI bank is one of the best banks that provide credit card services in India.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of using credit cards in India. Some experts have commented that a credit card is something that literally makes the cardholder addicted to spending and eventually sinks in debts. On the other hand credit card has several advantages like easy availability of loans and credit for urgent situations etc.

In order, to make sure that cardholders do not fall into deep debt traps, the banks have introduced a new system that enables the cardholders to acquire credit card statement from online and offline.

So, what exactly is a credit card statement and how does it help the cardholder?

A credit card statement is basically a summary of the card holder’s credit card usage within a period selected by the customer. It contains all the details of the transaction made with the credit card.

Advantages of credit card statement

  • Allows to plan and repay the credit card payments
  • Credit card statements can be acquired from anywhere in the world
  • Statements can help you know the reward points and the cashback received.
  • Statements can help you plan your future expenditure and repayments.

Details mentioned on a credit card statement

  • Name – Name of the cardholder will be mentioned on the credit card statement acquired online or offline.
  • Email and address – The card will have email and residential address of the cardholder as recorded at the bank.
  • Transaction details–All the domestic and international transaction details that include the amount transferred or deposited, dates, branch, etc.
  • Dues – The credit card statement will have the due dates, total dues, credit card limit, cash limit, and the available credit.
  • Reward points statement – The credit card statement will have the details of the reward points acquired by the cardholder within the time selected by the cardholder.
  • Pending dues – Credit card statement will have a section on it mentioning the past dues. This includes the minimum amount due, current due, over limit etc.
  • Credit card statement will also have details of the credit card that includes the type of credit card, the plan subscribed and also details of the latest product and services offered.

Currently, according to the ICICI bank official website, there are two methods to receive a credit card statement.

  1. Offline method
  2. Online method

1. Offline method is the traditional method of visiting the bank in person and submitting the bass book for printing the transaction details on the passbook. However, the statement acquired through this method does not have all the details mentioned above.

2. There is a second offline method where the cardholder or the account holder has to visit the bank in person and then place a request for credit card statement and the bank staff will provide you a form which you have to fill in, fill in the form with the right details and submit the form. Once the form is submitted the staff will provide you the detailed credit card statement. PS: This process might take some time as the staff will provide the credit card statement within a short time frame only if it is not a very busy banking hours.

1. Online method is the most used and most efficient method for acquiring a credit card statement in India. This method simply involves a procedure of cardholder logging into their online bank account profile and acquiring the credit card statement.

Here is the step by step procedure to acquire the ICICI credit card statement online.

Step 1: Visit the ICICI bank official website or click here instead

Step 2: On the page, enter the details as requested. This includes the User ID and Password and press the Log-in button.

Step 3: After successful log-in select the “Account” option in your profile.

Step 4: Now, select the “Account statement by E-mail” option

Step 5: If you already have an email recorded on your credit card bank records the email containing the credit card statement will be sent to your account.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, statements can be acquired from ATM machines too. However, these statements are called mini statement and are not officially considered as credit card statements.

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