ICICI Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

If you are a new user of ICICI bank then you should definitely use Mobile banking services to use banking services easily.

With the help of these services, you need not visit the bank physically.Transactions can be done easily with your fingertips in few minutes only.

You need to register yourself for ICICI Mobile banking services.

  • The first option is to Visit nearby ICICI ATM and check the demo.
  • Secondly, you can visit the nearby branch and register yourself for mobile banking.Submit any of these mentioned documents ad ID proof for a successful registration: Original introduction letter from a bank, Driving License PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport and many more.
  • For an NRI customer, you need to download the registration form from the official website https://www.icicibank.com and post it along with your ID proof to the Hyderabad office of the bank.
  • For form downloading click on https://www.icicibank.com/managed-assets/docs/personal/mobile-banking/mobile_banking_form.pdf

Now here are the steps which will be helpful for successful activation of the account once you are registered for Mobile Banking.

Step 1: Download iMobile App from Google Play Store or you can SMS to 5676766 for a download link.

Verify your mobile number

Step 2: The App will prompt a message for login option.You can log in with the PIN and through internet banking credentials too.

Login PIN and you can set a PIN of four digits of your choice.The PIN will be required to login into the mobile app every time you access it.

For internet banking login option you can generate passwords by following the steps given on the link: https://www.icicibank.com/online-services/generate-password-personal.page?#toptitle

Step 3: Once you select the login option you will login into iMobile. You need to confirm the grid card authentication process too if you are a first time user.The login option will prompt every time you log in to the app.

Mera mobile: For the convenience of the user the bank has launched the application in 11 different languages.So you can select any one as per your ease. The App can be used with or without internet too.

You can even submit your registered mobile number on the official website of the bank and bank support staff will call you. They will help you in installation and activation of the application on your smartphone.

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