ICICI Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

The customers can choose to open their savings account in the ICICI Bank which is available in all of the cities of India. Anyone can open their savings account in the bank with the minimum age of 18 years old. The customers will be able to get various benefits after having the savings account of their own. The interest rates provided by the ICICI Bank are one of the most profitable across the country.

The customers will not only get to earn profits but they will also get various services like mobile banking and internet banking along with these services.

Minimum balance limit

The customers of the metro and urban locations should have the MAB (Minimum Monthly average balance) of Rs.10,000. The customers of semi-urban locations need to have a minimum amount of Rs.5000 in their savings account. The people of rural locations will need to have a minimum balance of Rs.2000 in the savings account and the people of Gramin locations will only need to have a minimum balance of Rs.1000 in their account. In case of irregular maintenance of the minimum balance, the customers will need to pay the penalty charges to the bank.

Charges for Minimum monthly average balance

The customer of all the areas will need to pay Rs.100+5% of the shortfall in the MAB except the gramin location people will need to pay 5% of shortfall only. The customers can visit the official website of the ICICI Bank https://www.icicibank.com/service-charges/regular-savings-account.page for knowing more about the savings account and its service charges.

The customers won’t have to pay a single penny for the first four transactions in a month.

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