IDBI Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

At the time of Second World War and The Great Depression, there emerged a need to reconstruct the funds and twerk up the economy. The nationalized institutions were established to get back the economy in shape for all the Nations affected by the downfall of the economy.

In the year 1964, the Parliament of India passed an Act to establish a nationalized institution for the purpose of development known as the Industrial Development Bank of India.

With the onset of modernization and the industries coming in, the government decided to give financial assistance to the industrial sector by passing on the option of greenfield projects, expansion, modernization, and diversification.

The Central Government is the owner of the bank, made this bank at par with the SBI and other nationalized banks, by passing on a notification in the year 2013 signed by the finance minister. The employees of this bank were known as the government employees.

The expansion of the bank was tremendous and as of now, the bank holds some 3817 ATM‘s and 1995 branches along with an overseas branch at Dubai.

IDBI Mobile Banking App 

With the technological advancements setting in the world, the bank made a move forward and came up with its mobile application. This was to provide utmost convenience to the customers and give them 24 hours customer care option. The mobile banking option was considered a secure way to make transactions at any point in time and review the account activities. It is fairly secure and made way for digitized India.

In order to get through the mobile application of the bank, the steps are given on the official website of the bank

IDBI Mobile Banking App – How To Activate? 

The steps and the procedure are given on the website of the bank. The app can be downloaded by registering for it online on their website by way of net banking or by submitting the registration form at their nearest branch office.

You can also download the app from Play store . Click on

  • Once the registration is completed, an SMS will be sent to you from the bank on your registered mobile number. You need to visit their website once again and select the set password online option to set the credentials.
  • After this, you have to select the access options from the three options provided to you in the drop-down menu. Following this, you will be allowed to set your password instantly.
  • Refresh the page and log in the mobile banking application with your new credentials.
  • For the utmost safety option, keep on changing your password from time to time, which is recommended by the bank itself.

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