Indian Bank Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

Established in the year 1907, Indian Bank is a public sector undertaking dealing in financial services. The company headquarters are in Chennai. Indian Bank was nationalized on 19th July 1969. Time and again, it has introduced novel and rewarding banking reforms for the clients. One of the most recent banking related development is the introduction of mobile banking.

Mobile banking feature makes banking operations easy and hassle-free. But in order to activate mobile banking application, customer needs to patiently follow required formalities. Indian Bank mobile Banking services can be activated by downloading GPRS Mobile Application and SMS Application.

The mobile banking application of Indian Bank is called IndPay.

IndPay App service is available to all Indian Bank customers with an active Savings Account. To avail the facility, an existing customer is required to register online for mobile banking services. With the help of Indian Bank Pay, one can perform banking operations anywhere and at any time with just a finger touch.

Download App

You can download the app by visiting Google App .Visit

Activation process

The process of mobile banking activation requires following steps.

  1. Registration: During the registration process, the customer is asked to provide his or her Customer Number, which is also called CIF no. After the CIF no. is entered in the slot, the customer will receive a One Time Password(OTP) at the registered mobile number.
  2. Document verification: The customer must use the OTP to register into Indian Bank Net banking portal. Once his Net banking credentials have been verified, the customer will receive instructions to set Mobile PIN or MPIN.
  3. Logging in using MPIN: After the completion of registration process, customer needs to use MPIN to log in. MPIN is a 4 digit numerical code which must be kept secret for security concerns. He also receives Mobile Transaction PIN(MTPIN). MTPIN is also a 4 digit numerical code required for transactions using mobile banking feature. It must never be shared.


After registering in the mobile banking application, customers can avail following benefits:

  1. Checking balance enquirer and mini-statement for last 5 transactions
  2. Fund transfer between one branch of Indian Bank to another.
  3. Fund transfer to accounts of other banks using National Electronic Fund Transfer(NEFT)
  4. Fund transfer to accounts of other banks using Immediate Payment System(IPMS)
  5. Maintaining beneficiary account using name and basic information

With the help of mobile banking, a customer of Indian Bank can transfer funds of maximum up to Rs. 50,000 in a day. No transaction charge is demanded. Transactions require a robust data connection.

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