South Indian Bank India Mobile Banking – How To Activate?

South Indian Bank is taking care of all the banking needs of its customers no matter where its customer is and what time is it through South Indian Mobile Banking. Simply, South Indian Mobile Banking is allowing its customers for accessing the online banking services of South Indian Bank through mobile.

There is nothing to worry in the terms of security as SIB Mobile Banking is offering the same grade of security in banking services. The bank is using encryption for protecting the customer’s data. But the customer also has the responsibility of keeping his username and PIN confidential and does not disclose their PIN to others.

How to activate SIB mobile banking?

For activating SIB Mobile Banking or SIB M-Pay, the customer has to complete the registration process.

Registration for SIB Mobile Banking

  • It is the easiest way to register for mobile banking through SIB ATM Card. As one has to select the option of Value Added services at the counters of SIB ATM. It will open the option of mobile banking registration.
  • Another way to register is going to any branch of the South Indian Bank and filling and submitting the application for SIB M Pay.
  • You can download app from play store by clicking on link
  • The customers who are using internet banking can complete the registration for mobile banking through selecting the options of General Services- SIBerNET-Registration for M-Commerce option.

After 10 minutes of registration, the customer will receive a message for the confirmation which will also include the details such as MPIN as well as MMID on their registered mobile number.

Activating SIB M-Pay

As the registration process is over, the message received by the customer on the registered mobile number will include MPIN which is a 4 digit number and MMID- 7 digit number.

  • The customer has to download the application of South Indian Bank Mobile Banking from App store or Play Store and has to follow the instructions as the app will provide them after its installation.
  • On the other hand, you can also activate the SIB Mobile Banking by dialing this number ‘*99*74#’. The menu which will appear, you will select the option of MPIN change.Immediately, you will receive the call from IVR which is an automatic call and you have to follow the directions given on the call. You can change the temporary MPIN and enter the MPIN of your choice. Now, you can access your account for mobile banking.

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