Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank Online Complaint – How to Do?

The Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank is one of the major banks in the rural Karnataka area. The bank is a scheduled government bank sponsored by the Syndicate Bank for the people. The bank has a wide customer database and those can be measured in terms of the satisfaction of the customers. However, customers do have complaints, and they reach out to the branches. However, there are measures by which the complaints can be registered online as well. Here is how you can do it.

Internet Banking:

Step 1:

Log in to the Internet Banking using the link https://www.syndrrbs.com/OnlineKVGB

Step 2:

Navigate to the customer care section and write the complaint that you have. Ensure to highlight the issue that you are facing

Step 3:

Your complaint will be addressed as soon as possible.

Step 4:

However, if the complaint is not addressed then the following measures might be taken.


Step 1:

Write a complaint letter to the bank highlighting all the issues that you are facing. Ensure to focus on the complaint and address it to the head office.

Step 2:

Send the letter via email to this email address c_s@kvgbank.com.

Step 3:

Your complaint will be addressed and you will receive the response through email.


In case you need immediate and urgent access to the bank then you can also reach out to the phone number of the bank for the same. Here is the phone number, 0836-2448328.


The complaint can be faxed to the Head Office of the bank as well. You can write the complaint and fax it to the following number, 836-2796843.

You can reach out to the Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank for all your complaints online.

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